Sunday, January 9, 2011


Yesterday 6 people were shot and killed in Tucson. Another 13 were wounded, some still in critical condition. One of the wounded and still critical is Gabrielle Giffords, a Congresswoman from Arizona.

Already we have had both sides, Democrat and Republicans, publish comments blaming everyone from Sarah Palin to Glenn Beck to the Democratic National Committee. It is just this man's opinion, but all this does is provide this nimrod who did the shooting an excuse for his actions. This is not a Democrat or Republican issue, it is not a race issue, it is not a religious issue, it not a gender issue. It is some dumb ass, operative word being, "dumb ass" deciding that he did not like someone's views and was going to shoot someone because of it. This is a time when we need to forget the "one up man's ship" and seek justice and healing for all parties concerned. There is no one to blame but the shooter.

I pray for the victims, I pray for the families and I pray that justice will prevail and this nimrod who shot everyone gets all he deserves and then some.