Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Raising the flag

I am doing something that my father did at our house many years ago. I am putting up a flagpole. My dad was always doing little things around our house to make it such a great place to live. I am sorry that I did not pay attention like I should have. Such great lessons of how to do things and more importantly lessons in life.

It feels good to do things like this and improve our surroundings around the house. Tighten the screw over there. A little dab of paint on the cabinet here. A washer in the spigot. Trim the bushes. Just little tasks that take just a few minutes, but ones that leave a lasting improvement on your surroundings.

Not so different about the little things that we can do for others that we see everyday. How many times have we just walked past something we could drop at someones desk on the way there and save them the trip? How many times have we not taken the opportunity to help someone, when we were so focused on our mission? I would imagine that everyday, we see chances to take 5 seconds of our time and help someone out. I think a lot of it is being so caught in what we are doing we do not see the forest for the tree in front of us. Many times we run into the tree.

I am as guilty as next person, but will make the effort. I have been blessed by many people just because they could. Many times much more than I deserve. For that I will be forever grateful. I hope that through grace, my efforts and courtesy I may help someone today and the next day and the day after that.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Don't Stop Believing

Sometimes I think that my own worst enemy can be the man I see in the mirror in the morning. Granted I do have a days growth of beard on my face, which can be very scary in itself. But too many times I sabotage myself with doubt and negative thoughts and getting caught up in trying to do everything just right. Then when the results are not to my liking I get frustrated. Then the cloud of doubt kicks in and well everything seems to fall apart. Then I begin to question myself.

It is like a little pebble gets in my shoe and I let it morph into an amputation. I need to slow down and realize just what is going on. I need to FIDO. Forget It Drive On. We are going to make mistakes and things are going to happen. It is how we react to those bumps in the road of life that determine our character.

This past Friday, a dear friend and I are having lunch. The news is showing the destruction in Alabama from the recent tornadoes. We had been discussing a work issue that seemed pretty important at the time. He looked up and said, "Makes our problems seem pretty insignificant." Oh so true. I get caught up in a minor irritation and let it erupt into a major infection requiring quarantine of everyone in 3 states.

I think I need a new attitude and realization, that I am a good person. I try hard and that I will fall down. But also know that it is not a question of how many times I fall, but how many times I get up that count.

Years ago, I worked with a guy by the name of Brian Dugan. Brian was the warehouse manager of a organization where I did customer service. Brian would always say, "Right or wrong do something." He wanted you to keep busy and keep moving. He realized mistakes are made, but also knew that we could overcome our errors with effort.

So I am going to do a better job and put forth some effort. I am going to talk to the man in the mirror and start believing.

Sunday, January 9, 2011


Yesterday 6 people were shot and killed in Tucson. Another 13 were wounded, some still in critical condition. One of the wounded and still critical is Gabrielle Giffords, a Congresswoman from Arizona.

Already we have had both sides, Democrat and Republicans, publish comments blaming everyone from Sarah Palin to Glenn Beck to the Democratic National Committee. It is just this man's opinion, but all this does is provide this nimrod who did the shooting an excuse for his actions. This is not a Democrat or Republican issue, it is not a race issue, it is not a religious issue, it not a gender issue. It is some dumb ass, operative word being, "dumb ass" deciding that he did not like someone's views and was going to shoot someone because of it. This is a time when we need to forget the "one up man's ship" and seek justice and healing for all parties concerned. There is no one to blame but the shooter.

I pray for the victims, I pray for the families and I pray that justice will prevail and this nimrod who shot everyone gets all he deserves and then some.