Friday, August 17, 2012


When you are young one of the first things you learn is your phone number. Ours was CA3-3795.  I remember getting my first report card in Kindergarten and seeing the check mark in the box next to the item "Knows Phone Number".    What a great achievement that was. I knew my phone number, could tie my shoes by myself and could count to 119. Quite the achievements for a 5 year old.  I am on the fast track of education.

Our phone number never changed. It was always the same. It eventually changed to all digits without the letter prefix, and had an area code change in later years. But it still remained the same.

As I grew up and left my hometown, I always knew where to reach my parents. CA3-3795. That was always a place where you could find someone that loved you and wanted to hear from you. I always knew whose voice would be on the other side of my call. Usually my mom, sometimes my sister when she still lived at home, but on occasion, my dad, until his passing in 1978. Calling mom was always an adventure and a joy. She would share her experiences from the week. Tell me of her travel adventures with her best friend, Marge.  We would swap comments on the "Young and Restless" and always hear about her euchre winnings or losses at the Senior Center. Those calls always brought a smile to my face and would warm my heart like nothing else.

About a month ago, my mother passed away.  As I go through my daily routine, I am reminded about things that I won't be the same, this is one of them. CA3-3795 will go away. My parents had that number for as long as I have been alive. Many fond memories of some the calls made to that number that will be with me for a long time. I will keep that number in my contact list for as long as I am around. It will always be that special group of numbers that reminds me you are loved.  Thanks Mom and Dad and Sis for being on the other end of the line when I called.