Thursday, November 25, 2010

Everyday is a blessing

Yesterday morning, I walked out to get the paper. It was o'dark thirty and the early morning sky was illuminated by the full moon and the stars. I took a moment and looked skyward and thought to myself, "Everyday is a blessing".

Every day is a blessing. Every day that we wake up we have a new opportunity to experience the blessings that have been provided to us by grace. We have to be thankful. It is not rocket science and is not hard to figure out. You find that attitude of gratitude in your heart. You find it knowing that there are a number of people that love you, provide for you and bless you everyday.

Take the time today and everyday to count your blessings and hold those that love you and those you love close to your heart. Because everyday is a blessing.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Quiet Peace

It is early morning here at 82nd Place. I find that some of my best thoughts and efforts come at this time of day. I have not always enjoyed the early morning. I can remember when I was a teenager and getting up at 6:00 AM for a summer job was a pain. Now I get up at 4:00 AM and enjoy it for the quiet peace it brings.

In the quiet, you can hear your thoughts so much clearer. No distractions or background noise to interrupt your thoughts. Just the quiet peace.

Sometimes, I feel like the Lord is talking to me during these times. He makes me pause and makes me think. Then I remember a good time or special person, then I just smile. Cherishing the memory of a previous encounter or life experience.

I cherish these times. It seems like any more that they are going by way to fast, but while I have the opportunity to enjoy them I will. I give thanks every day for the gifts that life has provided to me. And the peace He brings to me every day in the quiet of the morning. Today is no different and these times will always be special. I am truly blessed.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Doing the right thing

When I used to run in Louisville many times we would run at a place called Seneca Park. When we would do the eight mile loop, it included many hills. Now before I started I knew I would have to encounter all them during this eight mile jaunt through the park, but went out there anyway and faced it. I went ahead with my run because I had done the training, knew what I had to do to succeed and executed the plan.

This week I am faced with a challenge at work. So what do I need to do? I need to face it just like I did the hills at Seneca. You know the work to be done, you know the job, it is just going to be a little tougher this week. Not unlike the hills of Seneca.

Complaining about it, is not going to make it any better. In fact it may make it worse than it really might be. Giving your best effort in the face of life's challenges is always the best path to take. It may not always be the easiest, but will leave you with the greater reward. Not unlike reaching the top of the hill during a tough hilly run.

Too many times I become my own worst enemy and defeat myself before the job is even started. So this week I promise as I look at that man in the mirror to do the job, smile while I am doing it and give it my best effort. Because that is the right thing to do.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Back at it . . . . . . Again

I am back at it again. Working out and eating right. So far so good. Dropped around 15 pounds over the past two months and reduced my cholesterol by 42 points since my physical in May of 2010. They checked my body fat and I am down by a couple of percentage points. Good to know that at 57 years old, I can still make it happen. Is it tough? Of course it is, but I need to do this to make sure that this old body will be around for a long time.