Sunday, January 25, 2009

Because of the Brave

There is a frozen yogurt shop a few blocks from my office. Periodically I will head down there and see what new flavors are calling my name. I have sampled many and came away with none that I can say disappoint my taste buds.

Many times I will take that day's flavor selection and head to the Plaza in downtown Phoenix, just a block away from the frozen yogurt shop. There are benches and trees and plenty of sun for one to relax and enjoy the weather, the sky, the sun or that days sampling of frozen bliss.

Going to get frozen yogurt is a pretty simple thing. I walk to down, get it, enjoy it and am satisfied. Pretty simple.

The point here is not that I go to get frozen yogurt, but that I can. I am free to walk out my office door. Free to walk down the street, Free to choose what flavor I might taste. Free to enjoy a little piece of heaven in a cup.

We are a truly blessed society. We can walk the streets, enjoy the day and all it's blessings because of those who make it their job to keep the peace and keep us a free society.

Freedom. That precious right provided to us by those that have gone before us. Freedom, that privilege we have been given by those who defend and protect our cities, towns, states and country.

Our armed services, our police, our fire personnel and countless others whose job is to make sure we are safe and secure. Too many days they are in line of fire with the constant threat to their well being all in the name of freedom and security.

From my heart I give thanks to you. There is a reason that the United States is the Land of the Free Because of the Brave.

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