Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Woman on the Street

During the week I ride the bus to work. I get off the bus one stop ahead of where I could so that I can walk an extra 5 or 6 blocks in the morning before starting work. It gives me time to get ready for the day and gets the juices flowing before doing battle with the day's opportunities.

One morning this week I had just crossed the street and saw ahead of me a person that looked like they were laying on top of the trash can on the sidewalk. As I passed I turned to see who it might be and if they were OK. As I looked it was a woman that obviously had nothing but the clothes on her back. She was digging in the trash can looking for anything that might resemble nourishment.

I turned around and went back and gave her the contents of the bag I was carrying, my snacks for the day and a bottle of water. I realize it is not much, but it was what I had.

I finished the two blocks to work and got to my office. Everyday, I close my door and pray for my family and our business, but that day I included the woman on the street that someone could help her even more than the little I did.

Years ago, I remember going with a friend of mine to lunch. As we were leaving we could see an elderly lady with some car trouble. We got out of our car and were able to assist her.

My friend, told me that he will always get out and help if he can. His reasoning was that the lady could be some one's mother and he would want someone to help his if put in the same situation.

This lady on the street is part of some one's family somewhere. The only person who knows where her family might be is God. I pray now as I did that day that someone will help her.

I am angry at myself that I did not do more. I have the capability and the means. I need find my heart and act.

I firmly believe that everyday, we are faced with the opportunity to help someone in need. We need to find our heart, bring courage to our faith and do the things that need to be done to help someone in need. When the challenge or opportunity arises before you, be sure to answer the call.

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