Friday, January 1, 2010

Good bye to 2009 and hello 2010

As the new year, 2010, begins. I can truly say that 2009 was a year that went by far too fast. My wife and I always see each new experience as "A New Adventure." We had a few of those this past year. Some good some bad.

It started on a good note spending a delayed Christmas with my children and family.

Then in the spring my brother in law getting sick and finding out he had cancer. He eventually passes shortly thereafter, making my sister a widow at 50 years old.

Going to Sonoma and Napa in July and running my final 1/2 marathon with the best friends I will ever know.

Going to Ocracoke Island and being able to give away my daughter in marriage to Chad Kincaid in September.

In November the passing of a childhood friend that I had recently reconnected with on Facebook.

Traveling to Rochester, Indiana (home), "GO ZEBRAS" and spending time with my sister and mother.

A couple weeks before Christmas going back to "Looavull" to surprise my running friends at a Christmas Party. Thank you Annie. Being able to sing with our former church choir. As they say, "You can never have too much tenor".

Then a week later traveling to Albuquerque, (spelled it correctly and did not have to look it up) and watching Lt. Colonel Dan Pepper promoted to squadron commander. A ceremony that made me very proud to be an American knowing that these men and women are watching over us 24/7 to make us, safe, free and secure.

Christmas Eve sitting at home and a phone call from my sister. "Mom has fallen". She ended up with only a dislocated shoulder. I am forever grateful that is all that it was. At 89 (90 in May) She is still a trooper. Thank you to my sister for dealing with it.

Life is not about the destination, but the journey. Many times not unlike riding a roller coaster. Ups and downs, twists and turns. Never sure which direction you are headed next. You are scared and excited during the ride, but happy for the experience.

This year has brought many challenges, opportunities, destinations, and of course new adventures. An interesting and challenging journey to say the least. But I am a better person for the ride.

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