Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Rifleman


As a child one of my favorite shows was "The Rifleman". It is the story of a man and his son who had moved to the plains to start a new life after his wife had passed. Our hero, Lucas McCain has this special rifle that will fire as he cocks it for the next shell. Of course he is a very good shot.

This morning flipping channels AMC is having a "Rifleman" marathon. Nostalgia kicks in and so I watch a couple of episodes. This must have been one of the first few as they are getting a new ranch and house. They travel with their wagon and horses and everything they own to the new homestead. As they prepare to move in the new place, the bad guys show up and tell them that Mr. So and So won't take kindly to Lucas and his son, Mark, moving into this place. So of course they lasso Lucas and drag him around from the back of a horse. After that they take his rifle and burn the house to the ground. The bad guys leave and Lucas decides he must go after them. Well Mark, his son only 10 years, is instructed to go into town and tell the Judge what happened and Dad will be back in a couple days. Well Mark insists to stay at the property and wait. Before Lucas leaves Mark asks the question, why does it have to be difficult. Lucas for about 3 minutes of the show tells Mark the story of Job from the Bible and actually talks about the Lord. And explains how in the face of difficulty Job never lost his faith in the Lord. Even in spite being tempted after he has lost all his family and everything he loved. Lucas tells Mark that even in adversity, they must hold fast to what they believe.

 It was refreshing to hear this on TV. Of course this show is 50 years old and times have changed. Today we get shows that push the boundaries of civility and decency. Everyday we are faced with adversity and challenge that sometimes we feel we cannot go on or care to.

The mother who is wondering where the next meal will be come from.

The family living in a slum in Africa where the running water is the stream of waste water running down the middle of a muddy street.

The dad and his family living out of a car because they have lost their home.

A child wearing the same clothes to school he did yesterday because that is all he has.

There are hundreds of stories and situations that we hear of or see every day that make me grateful for the blessings I have. A wonderful wife, beautiful children, a roof over my head, food on my table, and the grace of Lord taking care of me.

 Thank you Lucas McCain for a Saturday morning reminder that we are blessed far more than we deserve.

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