Saturday, March 17, 2012


This evening I witnessed something that as my dad would have said, "Frosts my Ass".

We were at dinner at our favorite sports bar watching the games. At the next table a mother sitting on the inside of the booth asked her probably 14 year old son sitting on the outside, "Would you get me some mustard?" and handed him the empty bottle. He looked at her with that teenage inconvenienced look. The boy got up out of his seat and motioned for the mother to get up and get it herself.

Excuse me. Is this really happening? What is wrong with this picture?

The husband sitting on the outside of the opposite side of the booth gets up and yes you guessed it, starts to go retrieve some mustard. I had my wife hand me our mustard and held it our for him. He took it and went back to his seat. Of course no acknowledgement, from the husband or any inhabitants of the aforementioned booth.

There are a number of things wrong with this picture.

1) They boy should have gotten the mustard
2) The husband shouldn't have
3) The boy doesn't understand who is buttering his toast everyday

This was one of those times that you want to put your hand on this boy's shoulder and say "Son, let me explain something to you"

1) She is your mother and will be forever
2) Your mother and I brought you into this world and can take you out.
3) There will be a day when you need her assistance for something far more important than mustard.
4) When that day arises (see #3) she will probably help you out without question.
5) Now go get the mustard

I can say I was not a perfect child, but understood that mom was to be respected, honored and obeyed without question.

I was blessed by two loving and great parents, who left me with many great lessons about life, love and being a good person.

My father left this life way too early at 52 years old. Those we love can be gone in an instant leaving us with regrets for the things we did and did not do while they were around.

I hope this young man realizes who is his champion,who will be the first in line when he needs assistance and finds the respect and love for her very very soon.

Thanks Mom. Thanks Dad

I love you

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